The Open Universiteit co-operates with a large number of institutions within various contexts. Some of these partnerships involve joint projects with a single other Dutch or foreign institution; others have been set up within national or international umbrella organisations of which the university is a member. The partnerships and projects focus a wide variety of themes and concerns, ranging from research and development to producing and running joint courses.

National context

The Open Universiteit has joined forces with other Dutch organisations and learning institutes on a variety of innovative educational projects. In some cases it has agreed to develop courses for a particular organisation. In other cases it runs a learning programme in conjunction with such institutes. 
While the emphasis lies on co-operation with other educational institutes, the Open Universiteit also works with organisations in the public sector and the private sector.

International context

The Open Universiteit has also set its sights beyond the borders of the Netherlands by participating in international partnerships. Such co-operation takes three different forms:

  • co-operation with other educational institutions
  • co-operation with the public sector
  • co-operation with the private sector


In addition to co-operating with other organisations on specific projects or for specific aims, the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands is also a member of various consortiums of a more permanent nature. One of the most important is the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). In addition, the Open Universiteit is also a member of the Euro*MBA Consortium.