null National Blockchain Course (English language)

National Blockchain Course (English language)
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  • English
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  • Studyload 12 hours
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  • Completely online
Would you like to be able to participate in the introductory course on blockchain completely free of charge? The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) has developed a massive open online course on blockchain technology.



This National Blockchain Course is intended for anyone interested in this subject. In this online course we explain what blockchain is, how it works technically and what you can do with it. Blockchain is almost always linked to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, the possibilities and opportunities of this technology go far beyond that. Think of making chains transparent, so that coffee and chocolate are really traded fairly. This course consists of a total of six modules, each with a different theme such as 'What is Blockchain?', 'What can we do with it?' and 'Cryptocurrencies & Tokens'. Each module consists of a piece of theory as an introduction. We will talk to people who have a lot to do with blockchain in their daily practice and we will conclude with a round table discussion with experts, who will shine their light on the current state of affairs and the future around the theme in question.

(Learning objects)

After completing this course, you will be able, based on theoretical insights and practical experience from organisations, to:
  • describe what blockchain technology is;
  • indicate what the application possibilities of blockchain are;
  • state which types of blockchain there are;
  • argue when blockchain has a genuine added value compared to other technological solutions;
  • discuss legal issues, and issues with respect to the energy consumption of blockchain.


This is an online course that you can follow entirely in your own time. All modules will be available immediately, so you can complete the entire course at once. You will also be able to easily look back at certain parts of the course. This course is not supervised.
(Study load)
This online course has a total study load of 12 hours. A large part of this is spent on watching video material and reading the accompanying texts. In addition, as a participant you will be challenged to make a number of self-tests in the form of multiple choice and open questions per theme.


This course does not end with an exam. Participants will not be assessed and will not receive a certificate. Once you have completed the course, you can request a certificate of participation in the form of a 'token'.


(Entry requirements)
The course is open to anyone interested in the subject of blockchain. Therefore, no particular level of education or level of work experience is desired.


(Sign up)
For each registration with the Open University, a participant has to create a username. This also applies to this course. We ask gender, date of birth and place of birth for this registration, because this way we can link the username to a unique person. We have set up this check for every form of enrolment/registration at the Open University. This course is subject to the National Blockchain Course Conditions.
Registration is possible by pushing the red button 'Aanmelden' on this page. 
If you don't have an OU account, then first registrate at mijnOU (top right on this page) and use your emailaddress als your username. To get an English registration manual you can contact our Team Professional Program by pushing the red button 'Contact' on this page.


(Starting moment)
Starts continuously


This course is subject to the National Blockchain Course Conditions.


(Price information)
This course is completely free of charge.


This course can be followed entirely online in your own time and place. This course is not supervised.

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(Additional information)
If you would like more information by mail, phone or Whatsapp about this specific program, or in case of a group registration or an in-company track please contact our Team Your Academy by pushing the red button 'Contact' on this page.