null Certified Professional Course Blockchain a practical approach (English language)


Certified Professional Course Blockchain a practical approach (English language)

  • Your Academy
  • 5 EC
  • English language
  • Certificate
  • Starts September 2022
  • € 1.750,- (one-off) / € 1.850,- (5 terms)
  • Completely online
  • Own case
  • Study duration 7 weeks
  • Stackable and element of Your MBA
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This course teaches you the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and the meaning of decentralized, encrypted data storage for companies and institutions. 

Voor wie is de opleiding bedoeld?

(For you?)
The CPP Smart Services is a practice-oriented program at an academic level. If you are looking for a mix between practice and theory and would like to put what you have learned into practice, this is the program for you.
The course offers great clarity and insight into the powerful mix of economic, social, technical and legal components that ensure confidence in the underlying blockchain. We discuss blockchain foundations, possibilities, challenges and technical and social problems. Students learn different innovation strategies and analyze business cases (best & worst). This course teaches you the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and the meaning of decentralized, encrypted data storage for companies and institutions. The course offers an overview of the blockchain: the advantages over previous technology, how transactions are stored on the blockchain, how blockchain mining works through consensus, private versus public blockchains, concepts of cryptography and smart contracts. Je leert over de kansen die blockchain biedt op het gebied van slimme contracten, proof of ownership, payment rails, immutable ledger, geldtransacties en micro-transacties.The course will demonstrate the application of blockchain technology in various areas including identity management, supply chain, real estate use and FinTec. In addition, the course covers technology platforms from blockchain, such as Hyperledger (IBM) and Interledger (Ripple). We delve further into the technology, the difference in blockchains, the questions that need to be asked before a process is started and what the process of developing a block chain application looks like.


(Study duration)
This Certified Professional Course, which is also part of the CPP Smart Services, consists of 5 ec and has a study load of approximately 140 hours. You will complete this course in approximately 7 weeks. The study load is 16-20 hours per week.


The program is taught entirely online and is completed according to a schedule. You will have access to the digital learning environment of the Open University and you will receive personal guidance from a content expert university teacher. The course material and the learning environment are in English. The contact moments with the teachers and the assignments can be bilingual (Dutch/English).


(Entry Requirements)
  • HBO (higher professional education) working or thinking level.
  • Some years of relevant work experience. 


(Registration conditions)
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(Starting moment)
The next starting date is planned for September 2022. Do you want to receive the schedule? Send an email to


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(Price information)
The fee for this course is € 1,750 or 5 monthly installments of € 370.
These amounts are exempt from VAT, but excluded from the textbook, what is used in this course:
- The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust door Kevin Werbach
ISBN 978 02 620 3893 5
You have to purchase this textbook yourself.

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After successful completion of this module you will receive a partial certificate. 

Wat kun je met jouw diploma?

After completion of 4 (separate) modules that are part of the Certified Professional Program Smart Services you will receive a diploma. This diploma can be introduced as a full specialization in Your MBA


(Additional information)
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