null Certified Professional Course Internet of Things (IoT) for business (English language)


Certified Professional Course Internet of Things (IoT) for business (English language)

  • Your Academy
  • 5 EC
  • Dutch language
  • Certificate
  • Starts continuously
  • € 1.750,- (one-off) / € 1.850,- (5 terms)
  • Completely online
  • Own case
  • Study duration 7 weeks
  • Stackable and element of Your MBA
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IoT will have a huge impact on policy making and business models of companies and organizations. At the same time it offers unprecedented opportunities for new products and services. 

Voor wie is de opleiding bedoeld?

(For you?)
The CPP Smart Services is a practice-oriented program at an academic level. If you are looking for a mix between practice and theory and would like to put what you have learned into practice, this is the program for you.
Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important trends in digitization. This creates a global ecosystem of sensors and digital connections. IoT will have a huge impact on the policies and business models of companies in particular. At the same time it offers unprecedented opportunities for new products and services. In this module we focus on the business administration and management aspects of IoT. The course helps to understand the implications of Internet of Things on business operations and to determine what strategic benefits IoT makes possible for an organization. Through practical examples, case studies, videos and lectures by an IoT business expert, students will learn to understand the IoT technologies and their key strategic, marketing and digital transformation aspects and determine the conditions necessary for a successful IoT implementation and the associated digital transformation of a company.


(Study duration)
This Certified Professional Course, which is also part of the CPP Smart Services, consists of 5 ec and has a study load of approximately 140 hours. You will complete this course in approximately 7 weeks. The study load is 16-20 hours per week.


You can study the program independently at your own pace in the online learning environment of the Open University. You will receive personal support from a content specialist university teacher. The study is given in Dutch language.


(Entry Requirements)
  • HBO (higher professional education) working or thinking level.
  • Some years of relevant work experience. 


(Registration conditions)
Please read our registration conditions first.


You can start at any time you want (after mutual consultation).


(Sign up)
You can register by pushing the red button "Aanmelden".
For a group registration or an in-company program, contact our Team Professional Programs via E or T +31 (0) 45 - 576 2777.


(Price information)
The fee for this course is € 1,750 or 5 monthly instalments of € 370.
These amounts are exempt from VAT, but excluded from the textbooks, what are used in this course:
- Westerman, G., Bonnet, D. & McAfee, A. (2014). Leading Digital: Turning Technology Into Business Transformation. Boston, MS: Harvard Business Review Press.
ISBN 978 16 252 7247 8
- Moore, G.A. (Third edition 2014). Crossing The Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.
ISBN 978 00 622 9298 8
You have to purchase this textbooks yourself.
Please note: The Open University Course Fee Discount Scheme (KCOU) and the Lifelong Learning Credit (LLLK) discount scheme do not apply to Certified Professional Programs.

Fiscale aftrekbaarheid

(Tax deductibility)
Do you pay the fees yourself? Then the costs may be deductible from your income tax.
In the Netherlands for private individuals a maximum deduction of € 15,000 is possible, with a threshold of € 250.-. For more information please access the website of the tax authorities and look for: study costs.


After successful completion of this module you will receive a partial certificate and after completion of 4 (separate) modules that are part of the Certified Professional Program Smart Services you will receive a diploma. This diploma can be introduced as a full specialization in yOUrMBA.


If you have any questions about the program or would like a free consultation, please contact our Team Professional Programs by mail or T +31 (0) 45 - 576 2777.