null Certified Professional Course Big Data Analytics I (English language)

Certified Professional Course Big Data Analytics I (English language)
  • Your Academy
  • 1 EC
  • English
  • Certificate
  • Start 2021
  • € 1.250,-
  • Completely online
  • Registration time 3 months
Learn more about data analytics on big data frames.

Voor wie is de opleiding bedoeld?

(Intended for)
Are you a professional and are you looking to improve your technical data-science skills and competencies? Do you have technical knowledge of programming and database structures to bachelor's level? Or are you familiar with programming and database structures? Even if you are looking to deepen your knowledge but are not yet ready to concentrate on the entire intensive program, this is your chance to take part in intensive training given by a group of specialized experts who are at the forefront of the latest technological developments in data science.
The working language throughout the program is English; the documentation material is also written in English.
In this Big Data Analytics course you will learn about optimization of Python programs using Numba, learn about Dask and distributed acyclic graphs in order to perform data analytics on big data frames, potentially distributed on cloud technologies. In addition, you will learn about quick prototyping of data science projects by means of graphical tools such as RapidMiner.

This course is part of the Certified Professional Program Data Science (Python) – Foundation.


(Duration of the program)
The course Big Data Analytics I lasts two weeks (4 online morning sessions).



The program has been designed to help you solve generic business problems and master a specific skill or competence, ensuring a constant relation between theory and practice. The program is offered online and will consist of virtual meetings and independent learning in order to master the topics that are discussed.


Technical understanding of programming, database structures, etc.
Course level: Quantitative Bachelor Degree, preferably MSc


(Registration conditions)
Please read our registration conditions (available in English) first.


(Start of the program)
The start of this course is planned in 2021. Please request the schedule for the virtual meetings by sending an e-mail to


(Sign up)
Registration is possible by pushing the red button 'Aanmelden' on this page. 
If you don't have an OU account, then first registrate at mijnOU (top right on this page) and use your emailaddress als your username. To get an English registration manual you can contact our Team Professional Programs by pushing the red button 'Contact' on this page.


(Price information)
The participation fee for the Certified Professional Course Business Analytics I is € 1.250,-.
This amount is exempt from VAT, but excluded from the textbooks, what are used in this course:
- Python for data analysis 2e editie by McKinney
ISBN 978 14 919 5766 0
- Data Science for Business door F. Provost en T. Fawcett, 1e druk 2013
ISBN 978 14 493 6132 7
You have to purchase these textbooks yourself.
In each separate course and the total Certified Professional Program Data Science (Python) - Foundation, we use the same 2 textbooks, so you have to purchase these textbooks yourself only one time of course.

Fiscale aftrekbaarheid

(Tax deductibility)
Do you pay the fees yourself? Then the costs may be deductible from your income tax.
In the Netherlands for private individuals a maximum deduction of € 15,000 is possible, with a threshold of € 250.-. For more information please access the website of the tax authorities and look for: study costs.


The Lifelong Learning Credit (LLLK) discount scheme does not apply to Certified Professional Programs.


The Open University Course Fee Discount Scheme (KCOU) does not apply to Certified Professional Programs.


After successful completion of this module you will receive a partial certificate and after completion of the 8 (separate) modules that are part of the Certified Professional Program Data Science (Python) - Foundation  you will receive a diploma. 


(Additional information)
If you would like more information by mail, phone or Whatsapp about this specific program, or in case of a group registration or an in-company track please contact our Team Professional Programs by pushing the red button 'Contact' on this page.