null Certified Professional Program Data Science (R) (English language)

Certified Professional Program Data Science (R) (English language)
  • Your Academy
  • 10 EC
  • Dutch language
  • Starts September 2020
  • € 7.450,- (one-off) / € 7.650,- (5 terms)
  • In cooperation with DIKW
  • Face 2 face meetings
  • € 500,- discount (4 weeks before start date)
Are you ready for the sexiest job of the 21st century? Did you know that the Netherlands is facing a shortage of about 8,000 data professionals this year? And that the potential of stored data has never been greater than now? This means that companies have a huge need for reliable data-driven insights. At the same time, it means that there are great opportunities for professional data scientists. Would you like to pursue a career in the field of data science? Then our CPP Data Science is your digital highway to the future!

Voor wie is de opleiding bedoeld?

(Intended for)
Do you have an analytical mind and are you always eager to know the ins and outs of everything? Would you qualify yourself as a ‘nerd’, but do you not have the courage (yet) to openly admit this? Then this course may be exactly right for you! With it you can take the final step into the world of big data and data analytics in the new field of data science. After completing this course you are familiar with state-of-the-art algorithms for data analytics and able to start applying these algorithms in R, one of the most popular languages in data science.
CPP Data Science ready for tomorrow
CPP Data Science, offered by the Open University and DIKW Academy, is a unique Certified Professional Program for the next generation of intelligence professionals. We will equip you with an extensive skills set, which you need to excel as a data scientist - according to Harvard Business Review ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century!’. When you are able to support companies in data-driven decision-making you will have taken your final step into the world of (big) data and data analytics, into the new field of data science. In other words: do you have an affinity with R, are you creative and would you like to have career opportunities in unlocking, visualising and analysing data, together with communicating the results to your employer? Then CPP Data Science is the right program for you.
Why choose for our CPP Data Science course?
Our CPP Data Science course is a hands-on program, so you can put the knowledge and expertise you gain directly into practice and in your work environment. As a student you can work on your own professional case studies. Other advantages include:
  • Personal coaching by top lecturers and professionals
  • Ideal for combining work and studies
  • Flexible way of learning, mostly online, from every device, whenever you like, studying at one of the best Dutch universities
  • Can be part of your Master of Business Administration.


DIKW Academy is a department of DIKW Intelligence, a high-quality service provider and consultancy for data-driven issues. In collaboration with the Open University, DIKW has developed a unique certified program for the new generation of Intelligence professionals.


(Duration of the course)
The course consists of self-study, with a lead time of 27 weeks. Every two weeks a face-to-face meeting is scheduled. In a group of participants and with the support of a lecturer you develop your data science skills in a practical way.


CPP Data Science starts with an introduction to data science concepts and algorithms, based on a short presentation. After this introduction, we will immediately use practical scripts to show how R works. We will use R and R Studio, two of the most popular tools in data science. All example scripts and course materials can be immediately used for real-life cases. A valuable asset for jump-starting your career in data science, an essential toolbox for a quick start at every customer.
An important part of this CPP course is your practical assignment: during the last 4 weeks you will enjoy personal coaching to develop your own data science project. You won’t be the first to realise a splendid business case with your investment in this course.
The course material includes a course manual for self-study, with presentations, example scripts and assignments.The official language during the meetings is Dutch, while the course material is in English. The attendance and assignments may also be submitted in English.
Please have a sneak peek at the course material here:
During this Program we will use the book "Data Science for Business (1st edition) van Foster Provost @ Tom Fawcett (2013), Sebastopol CA: O'Reilly Media"


Nieuwegein Data Lab


Basic knowledge of statistics at secondary-education level: data collection and visualisation (e.g. histograms), measures of centrality (like the mean), measures of dispersion (like standard deviation), measures of relationship (like correlation) and probability distributions. Knowledge of hypothesis testing would be an asset.


(Registration conditions)
Please read our registration conditions (available in English) first.


(Start of the course)
The next CPP Data Science starts in September 2020.
You can request the timetable and / or brochure by sending an email to You may also request a no-obligations consultation with a lecturer.
ATTENTION: there are only a few places free in this group, so register in time!


(Sign up)
Would you like to start with the CPP Data Science course? Log in to myOU if you have an account or go to register and sign up for CPPDS.


(Price information)
Total amount for a one-off payment € 7,450. -. It is also possible to pay in 5 instalments of € 1,530. -. This amount is all-inclusive. No VAT is due. If you register not later than 4 weeks before the start date, we can offer you an early booking discount of € 500. - on the total one-off payment.
Are you paying yourself? Then training costs are deductible from your income tax. For private individuals, a maximum deduction of € 15,000 is possible, with a threshold of € 250. -. For more information please access the website of the tax authorities and look for: study costs.
Please note: The discount scheme Course fee Open University (KCOU) and Lifelong Learning Credit (Levenlanglerenkrediet) (LLLK) does not apply to Certified Professional Programs.



If you would like to have more information, the brochure or a free consultation (with a lecturer), please indicate this by sending an email to our Team Professional Programs: mail to