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Maastricht invites you!

Maastricht’s vibrant history and its situation at a crossroads of European cultures, languages and trade routes lend it a unique charm and international flavour. Dutch visitors to this most ancient, most European and most southerly city of the Netherlands find Maastricht so ‘un-Dutch’ that they feel as if they are abroad, while foreign visitors tend to feel perfectly at home in its international atmosphere.

The saying that many roads lead to Maastricht is reflected by the fact that year after year it is one of the top three conference cities in the country.

Nestled between the borders of Belgium and Germany, Maastricht is an undoubted beneficiary of the European integration process. The Euregion surrounding Maastricht lies in the centre of north-western Europe and is an area of great scientific, technological and industrial potential, with a modern infrastructure, an internationally oriented multilingual population, a high standard of living and many cultural and recreational facilities.

For more information about Maastricht visit the website of vvv-maastricht, the Tourist Information Office.

A video about Maastricht video about Maastricht (wmv, 8Mb)