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Profile ICDE

International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is recognized by the United Nations (UNESCO), and serves as the Global Umbrella Membership Organization in Online, Flexible and Blended Learning, including e-learning and distance education. ICDE provides a global network for the institutions around the world that are involved in this field and are members of ICDE. An important aim of ICDE is to promote intercultural co-operation and understanding through flexible and online learning throughout the world. Established in 1938, ICDE's Permanent Secretariat is in Oslo, Norway, hosted by this country on a permanent basis since 1988.

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Profile EADTU

The European Association of Distance Teaching Universities - EADTU - is the representative organisation of both Associations within higher education active in the field of distance education and e-learning, and open and distance universities active in the field of lifelong open and flexible learning (LOF-learning). Members of EADTU are dedicated to serving off-campus target groups with open and flexible learning methods and systemic study guidance. EADTU’s associations consist of university consortia with mainstream on-campus students, but also giving priority to offering education to off-campus students.

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Profile Open Universiteit

Open Universiteit, which welcomed its first students in September 1984, is an independent government-funded institute for distance learning at university level. The Dutch government's purpose in founding Open Universiteit was to make higher education accessible to anyone with the necessary aptitudes and interests, regardless of formal qualifications. Open Universiteit develops, provides and promotes innovative higher distance education of top quality, in collaboration with networks and alliances. As the prime university for lifelong learning, it addresses the wide-ranging learning needs of people during their course of life, plus the need to achieve a considerable increase of the knowledge level of the community at large.

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Conference Management

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