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Andy Lane

Andy LaneProfessor Andy Lane has a BSc in Plant Sciences and a PhD in Pest Management from the University of London. He is a Member of the Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management and a Chartered Environmentalist. He has been at The Open University since 1983 and held various offices in the former Technology Faculty (now Faculty of Maths, Computing and Technology) including being Head of the Systems Department, associate Dean and Dean.

Promoted to Professor of Environmental Systems in 2005, Andy was appointed as Director of The Open University’s OpenLearn Initiative in 2006 and was elected as a Board member of the Open CourseWare Consortium in 2008. He has authored or co-authored many teaching texts, research papers and other publications dealing with systems thinking and environmental management; the use of diagramming to aid systems thinking and learning; and systems of open education, especially the use of Open Educational Resources.

See M-2009 Programme, Tuesday afternoon, 9 June 2009