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Kendrick McLish

Kendrick McLishAs Vice President of Product and Strategy at Pearson eCollege, Kendrick McLish leads the vision, planning and strategy for Pearson eCollegeís suite of eLearning products.  Today, more than 650 education programs deliver their online programs using the Pearson eCollege eLearning solution. Pearson eCollege has an integrated a feature-rich, intuitive teaching and learning platform, designed and built to strict quality control standards. In addition, Pearson eCollege integrates self-service administrative tools, such as sophisticated tracking and reporting tools for continuous operational improvement, with technical and academic consulting services to augment the skills of existing academic institution staff.

As a Pearson company, eCollege is part of the largest supplier of educational content, support systems and products in the world. Through strategic alliances and organic growth, Pearson has put in place all the pieces necessary to create the world's leading education technology company. With Pearson eCollege, institutions receive the support of systems engineers, IT specialists, product managers, trainers, course developers, instructional designers, multimedia consultants, operational support and help desk representatives. All of these services are provided from a single company, Pearson eCollege.

In partnership with dozens of Pearson Education entities and business partners, Pearson eCollege is redefining K-12 and higher education offerings with world-class collaboration, personalization, analytics and assessment tools. Previously, Mr. McLish was Pearson eCollegeís Director of Account Management and Operations, working directly with some of the largest online education programs in the world. Prior to Pearson eCollege, Mr. McLish worked for Routledge, an academic publishing division of Thomson, Inc. He holds a bachelorís degree in Philosophy from the University of Vermont and a Master of Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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