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Live Broadcast

View the ICDE live on the web

During the 4-day conference Avacast Europe, in cooperation with Houben Media Technique, provides the live broadcast on the web. All plenary sessions and almost al presentations will be shown. Visitors who will follow the presentations online are able to ask live questions to the presenters on stage. They can do this by going to the tailor made designed website: www.world-elearning.com.

Avacast Europe is specialized in broadcasting events on the Internet in combination with live interaction by making use of chat or the question/comment button. Avacast Europe brings the Internet to life through the system, called the Avacaster, that is being used by many events in the world for over 10 years. Among them is the National Convention with Hillary Clinton. Just by making one click the Internet visitor participates in the discussion.

For those unable to view the live broadcast on the web, the website www.world-elearning.com is available 24/7 to view all the recorded sessions in the archive.