The Third Workshop on Behavioural Modelling - Foundations and Application (BM-FA 2011)

2011, University of Birmingham, UK

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Proceedings of the worlshop ACM DL, ISBN 978-1-4503-0617-1

Recent trends in software system development point to the growing importance of behaviour modelling.

These trends are:

To meet the challenges presented by these trends we must be able to determine which behaviour modelling techniques are applicable to a given situation, and be able to use multiple techniques in combination. This requires suitable and simple compositional semantics so that the various models used to describe the behaviour of a complex system can be put together.

This workshop brings together people from academia and industry who are interested in

The purpose of the workshop is to better understand the challenges of behaviour modelling in todays demanding environment, and in particular to focus on:

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In collaboration with
the Seventh European Conference on
Modelling Foundations and Applications
ECMFA 2011