Tuesday, 3.7.2012, Room S4, BMFA 2012

4th Workshop on Behavioural Modelling: Foundations and Applications



Welcome & Agenda


9:10-9:50 Defining and Verifying Behaviour of Domain Specific Language with fUML. Qinan Lai and Andy Carpenter. School of Computer Science, the University of Manchester


9:50-10:30 Consistency Checking Scenario-Based Specifications of Dynamic Systems by Combining Simulation and Synthesis. Jens Frieben, Joel Greenyer.



11:00-11:40 The Event Coordination Notation: Execution Engine and Programming Framework. Ekkart Kindler. Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark

11:40:12:20 Motivation Modelling for Human-Service Interaction. Ella Roubtsova. Open University of The Netherlands



13:30-14:10 A Metamodelling Approach to Behavioural Modelling. Adrian Rutle, Wendy MacCaull, Hao Wang, and Yngve Lamo. Centre for Logic and Information, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada; Bergen University College, Norway


14:10-14:30 Preparation for the workshop discussion


15:00- 16:00 Invited talk. Karsten Holm . Head of Consultancy Division at Soft Design A/S Denmark


A predominant obstacle of model based software development is communication
The inner workings and tools of the trade are of course essential for the success of model based software development, but the general and overall success is dependent on the general adoption and usage.
This talk will address a few of the obstacles of obtaining wide spread acceptance and deployment of the model based methodology and development tools.
Some of the challenges which must be faced in the communications process are disbelief among developers, lack of buzz and hype towards customers and a tool for common understanding of development process and final result.

16:00-17:00 Discussion: Difficulties in adopting behaviour modelling in industry


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