cETO members
The members of the cETO are:

Board Members:

  • Chair: Ms. prof. dr. H. Jarodzka (Educational Sciences)
  • Vice chair: Ms. dr. M. Quint-Fens (Academic Affairs)
  • Privacy officer: Mr. M. Adriolo (Legal Affairs)
  • Secretary: Ms. dr. N. Gunther (Psychology) / Ms. dr. M. Quint-Fens (Academic Affairs)
  • Secretariat: Ms. D. Amendt

Internal members:

  • Ms. prof. dr. C. Bolman (Psychology)
  • Mr. dr. M. van Bommel (Psychology) (till March 2020)
  • Ms. dr. ir. F. Brouns (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. prof. dr. R. de Groot (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. N. Gunther (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. E. Heynen (Psychology)
  • Mr. dr. R. Leontjevas (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. C. Meijs (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. E.V. Mulder MSc (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. D. Peels (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. J. Reijnders (Psychology)
  • Mr. dr. J. van Ruysseveldt (Psychology)
  • Ms. dr. I Skuballa (Educational Sciences)
  • Mr. dr. H. Spoelstra (Educational Sciences)
  • Ms. dr. K. Xu (Educational Sciences)

External member:

  • Mr. drs. R. de Vries (Maastricht University, ethicist)

For questions regarding ethical assessment, please contact:

For submitting an ethical application, visit the online cETO portal: