Procedure ethical assessment
cETO Procedure ethical assessment

Ethical assessment will be performed on request (for instance because a journal demands evidence of ethical acceptability):

  • The researcher submits the study proposal according to the online application procedure.
  • The researcher receives a written and binding decision of the ethical acceptability by email.
  • If the study is ethically unacceptable according to the cETO (or at least till the moment that the study is approved), the study is not allowed to start. The researcher receives comments on the proposal including an overview of necessary changes. He/She gets the opportunity to reply to the comments and to propose changes.
  • If the study proposal is approved, then the study is allowed to start. The decision is also send to the Dean of the faculty. The Dean has 14 days to react in case of objection to the study.

Ethical assessment is obligatory for all studies involving human participants for employees of the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Educational Sciences (this does not apply for secondary data-analysis). This obligation comes into effect for all students performing a study in the faculty in November 2017. The cETO provides binding written advice.