Procedure for studies if uncertainty about WMO compliance
cETO Procedure for studies if uncertainty about WMO compliance.
  • a. If the researcher is unclear about whether the study requires compliance with WMO rules, he/she can ask the cETO for advice before the start of the study using the online full track application procedure.
  • b. The cETO checks whether the application is complete and whether the submitted information is sufficient for evaluating whether the study meets WMO requirements (the researcher will be consulted if necessary).
  • c. After submission, the researcher will receive a first reaction within four weeks for full track and within two weeks for fast track and amendment. This review period starts when the application is accepted by the cETO (status 'reviewing'). The first reaction can be a request for additional information or a final decision.
  • d. The Dean also receives the decision. It is recommenced to plan to wait two extra weeks before the recruitment of the participants.

If the study needs to comply with WMO rules, then the study proposal must be approved by an accredited MREC. The cETO does then not evaluate studies for ethical assessment.

If the study does not need to follow WMO rules, the cETO subsequently evaluates the study for ethical acceptability. For this reason, it is necessary to fill in the section on ethical assessment as well (in the full track process).