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Science areas
Within the Open University five research programmes are defined. These programmes describe the framework and the themes of the research that takes place within the institution. Together these research programmes cover seven scientific domains, the same domains in which the OU offers academic master programmes.
  • Educational sciences
    The research in the field of educational sciences is concentrated in the Welten Institute, the expertise centre for learning, teaching and technology. The research programme is titled:Learning and teaching in a technology enhanced learning environments
  • Psychology
    The aim of the faculty’s research programme is to increase insight in the way implicit (or tacit) strategies for behaviour interact with explicit strategies and vice versa.
    The interaction between explicit and implicit strategies for behaviour
  • Cultural sciences
    The research programme 'Waarde en waardering van cultuur' (value and appreciation of culture) combines four disciplines: Filosofy, History, Art and Literature.
    Waarde en waardering van cultuur
  • Law
    The research programme ‘Recht in een geïndividualiseerde netwerksamenleving’ (Law in an individualised society) is based on important developments that give direction to society not only in the technological field but also in the field of inter-human relationships. Main themes are 'individualisation' en 'networkisation’.
    Recht in een geïndividualiseerde samenleving
  • Managementwetenschappen, Natuurwetenschappen en Informatica
    The faculty Management, Science & Technology conducts research in these three domains. This research is steered by one, joint, integrated research programme:
    Learning and innovation in resilient systems