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Dr. Cosmina Voinea PhD


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Focuses on market and non-market strategies with a spotlight on corporate political activities, media actions, and CSR. Her work highlights on the strategies used by MNEs to respond to the influences of various actors of the business environment including institutions, NGOs, interest groups, and the media. She also focuses on strategy and CSR in emerging economies, with extensive empirical evidence from Brazil. 

Main areas of expertise are: Strategy, Corporate political strategies, International Business, Stakeholder Theory, CSR.


BOOK Nonmarket strategic Management (2017)

By Cosmina Lelia Voinea & Hans van Kranenburg, Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd

ISBN-13: 978-1138918283

ISBN-10: 1138918288


In both academic and business fields, it is the first book on strategic management of the nonmarket. This book introduces nonmarket strategic management as a way to gain or maintain competitive advantage. Divided into two parts, the first part offers theories and managerial support for coping with the complex business realities. The second part presents examples of challenges which firms face in the nonmarket environment.

R. Edward Freeman (The Darden School, University of Virginia, USA) recommends it as ?an excellent blend of theory and practice, with many connections between them. Executives that read this book will be repaid many times over with lots of useful and practical ideas.?

Alain Verbeke (Editor-in-Chief, Journal of International Business Studies) evaluated the book as ?The best book on the role of  nonmarket strategies in business. It is up-to-date, authoritative, and clearly argued?A must-read for strategy scholars.? 

van Kranenburg, H., & Voinea, C. L. (2017). Nonmarket strategies predictors for foreign firms. Scandinavian Journal of Management33(2), 82-92.

DOI: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0956522116300616?via%3Dihub

Kranenburg, H.L., Voinea, C.L., Burger, M. (2012). Political strategies of foreign firms in the Dutch chemical industry. In R. van Tulder, A. Verbeke & L. Voinea(Eds.), New Policy Challenges for European Multinationals (Progress in International Business Research). pp. 31-57. Bradford, UK: Emerald Group.

DOI: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/abs/10.1108/S1745-8862%282012%290000007005

C.L. Voinea. (2012). Against the Grain: Nonmarket Strategies of Foreign Owned Firms. Dissertation, Radboud University Nijmegen. ISBN 9789462285606.

Voinea, C.L., Kranenburg, H.L. (2011). Colocation Patterns of Foreign-Owned Firms in a Small Open Economy: Evidence from the Netherlands. European Planning Studies, 19 (12), 2047-2072.

DOI: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09654313.2011.633823



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