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Frank van Caspel MA MSc


Faculteit Cultuur- en rechtswetenschappen (wetenschapsgebied Cultuurwetenschappen)


Expertise, onderzoek en publicaties


Philosophy of Mind


Although the theory of evolution is widely accepted as the explanation for biological change, one element is still particularly controversial: the evolution of the human mind. How does the mind fit in a Darwinistic world? Darwin himself struggled with this question, and to this day it fuels discussions in religious and academic contexts. Any serious interpretation of Darwinism must include that the mind somehow evolved. This has become the topic of much contemporary research in philosophy and biology. My aim is to contribute to these investigations by offering a novel philosophical position allowing for the study of mind, language and culture from the perspective of Darwin's theory of evolution.


- Voorzitter Stichting Filosofie en Maatschappij

- Voorzitter Stichting E-sports Nederland

- Mede-eigenaar Spaak & Van Caspel Internet Presence