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Decaan, hoogleraar Financial Management


Prof.dr. Gerard Mertens


Faculteit Management, Science & Technology (faculteitsbureau)

Expertise, onderzoek en publicaties


Dean Faculty of Management, Science & Technology, Professor of Financial Management at the Open Universiteit of the Netherlands.My research interest and expertise lies in governance, compensation & incentives, financial reporting & analysis. My ambition is to facilitate, stimulate and conduct academic research in these areas and apply this knowledge in business & organizations. I conduct advisory work for institutional investors, policy makers and corporate boards.From 2002 to 2011 Full Professor of Financial Analysis at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Founder of Shareholder Support (in 2002), an independent Dutch advisory firm for proxy voting, supporting global institutional investors to enhance their dialogue with companies they invest in. Conducting research in the areas of ESG, board compensation and risk management.Previous experience in the banking and M&A sector: director and head of research at NIBC bank & associate partner at van den Boom Groep Corporate Finance.All round financial expert with a focus on Financial Management & Governance

Ervaring en opleiding



  1. Raad van Comissarissen Rabobank Parkstad Limburg (per 1-06-2015)

  2. Raad van Toezicht Bureau Jeugdzorg Limburg (per 1-03-2015)
  3. Raad van Toezicht GGzE, lid audit commissie (per 1-1-2015)
  4. Raad van Toezicht Adelante, lid audit commissie (per 1-10-2014)