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Dr. Pieter Kamminga


Faculteit Management, Science & Technology



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Management Accounting/ Management control

Management control van joint ventures


Management control of joint ventures

Accountability in cultural organizations


Van der Meer-Kooistra, J. & Kamminga, P.E. (2015). Joint venture dynamics: the effects of decisions made within a parent company and the role of joint venture management control, Management Accounting Research, 26, 23-39.


Kamminga, P.E. & Van der Meer-Kooistra, J. (2013). Dynamic evolution of equity joint venture relationships: role of the parent companies and joint venture control. In T.K. Das(Ed.), Interpartner Dynamics in Strategic Alliances, 163- 185, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


Kamminga, P.E. & Van der Meer-Kooistra, J. (2010). The joint venture relationship: foreign entry modes, management control, and dynamics. In Westerman, W, Van der Meer-Kooistra, J and K. Langfield-Smith (EDS), (2010). International Management Accounting and Control, 189- 206, McGraw Hill.


Van der Meer-Kooistra, J. & Kamminga, P.E. (2010). The role of management accounting in joint venture relationships: a dynamic perspective. In Håkansson, H., Kraus, K. and J. Lind (Eds), Accounting in Networks, 80 – 112, New York: Routledge.


Kamminga, P.E. & Van der Meer-Kooistra, J. (2007). Management control patterns in joint venture relationships: A model and an exploratory study, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 32(1-2), 135-158.



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