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Prof. dr. mr. Ronald Janse


Faculteit Cultuur- en rechtswetenschappen Faculteit Cultuur- en rechtswetenschappen (wetenschapsgebied Rechtswetenschappen)


Expertise, onderzoek en publicaties


Recent en ter perse/ recent and forthcoming:

International peerreviewed:

'Is the European Commission a credible Guardian of the Values? A revisionist account of the political Copenhagen criteria during the Big Bang Enlargement' forthcoming in: I?CON International Journal of Constitutional Law

'The evolution of the political criteria for accession to the European Community, 1957?1973' in: European Law Journal, 2017, [DOI: 10.1111/eulj.12253]

'(Why) was the World Bank supposed to be a nonpolitical organization? An interpretation of the orginal meaning and rationale of article 4(10) of the Articles of Agreement of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1941-48', in: Journal of the History of International Law16(2), 2014, 113-155.

'The UNGA Resolutions on the Rule of Law at the National and International Levels, 2006-Post 2015', in: Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law18, 2014, 258-285.

'A Turn to Legal Pluralism in Rule of Law Promotion?', in: Erasmus law review6(3/4), 2013, 181-190

'Entering the Forbidden Zone: the World Bank, Criminal Justice Reform and the Political Prohibition Clause', in: International Organizations Law Review10(1), 2013, 81-116

'Rule of law promotion and security sector reform: partners or rivals?', in: Hague Journal on the Rule of Law4(1), 2012, 1-3

Vakpublicaties/ professional publications:

'Europees ingrijpen in Poolse rechtsstaat is gerechtvaardigd', in: NRC Handelsblad 25 augustus 2017

Rule of law: a guide for politicians (met Hans Corell) The Hague/Lund: HiiL/Raoul Wallenberg Institute, 2012 (translated into 23 languages): 

Innovations in rule of law: visions for policy makers (with Juan Botero, Sam Muller, Christine Pratt, 2012,. The Hague: Hiil [etc.]

'Introduction: Human rights before, during, and after conflict', in: I. Boerefijn, L. Henderson, R. Janse, & R. Weaver (Eds.), Human rights and conflicts: essays in honour of Bas de Gaay Fortman, 1-10, 2012, Cambridge: Intersentia

'Counter-terrorism, rule of law promotion and the friends of Yemen', in: I. Boerefijn, L. Henderson, R. Janse, & R. Weaver (Eds.), Human rights and conflicts: essays in honour of Bas de Gaay Fortman, 363-374, 2012, Cambridge: Intersentia

Monitoring and evaluation of the rule of law and justice in the EU: status quo and the way ahead? (with Martin Gramatikov), 2012, The Hague: HiiL

Ervaring en opleiding


Voltooide de studies geschiedenis, wijsbegeerte (beide Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) en Nederlands recht (Open Universiteit) en promoveerde bij prof. dr. René Foqué aan de Erasmus Universiteit op de rechtsfilosofie van Thomas Hobbes.


Hoofdredacteur/ Editor in Chief  Hague Journal on the Rule of Law