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Selina Emhardt


Studiecentrum Utrecht Faculteit Psychologie en onderwijswetenschappen (Welten-instituut)

Ervaring en opleiding


Selina Emhardt gratuated from the University of Tübingen (Germany) in October 2017 with a Master's degree in psychology. In October 2017, she started a PhD at the Welten institute at the Open University of the Netherlands and is now a part of the FEEEL-research group (Fostering Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable Learning).  

The focus of her research is on the design of lecture-style modeling examples, which is part of the NRO-project "You see? Effects of establishing joint attention in pre-recorded and real-time modeling examples on learning" (Van Gog and Jarodzka). This project is a collaboration project between Utrecht University and the Open University of the Netherlands. Selina is investigating in how far model-to-student gaze cues can help to establish joint attention in video modeling examples.