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MSc. in Education Alessandra Antonaci


Faculteit Psychologie en onderwijswetenschappen (Welten-instituut)



Expertise, onderzoek en publicaties


Alessandra studied Adult Education, she received her MSc in Education, with full marks, in 2007. Immediately after she started working in the HR Department, initially as a trainer, and subsequently also as a recruiter in two of the most renowned shipping companies in Italy. During this period she gained experience in delivering and designing both e-learning and traditional courses. These experiences sparked her interest in the academic world and, since 2012, she has been employed as a research fellow at the Institute for Educational Technologies (ITD) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Genoa, Italy. Here Alessandra has worked in the areas of Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible) and Serious Games. In all these fields her main interest was the design of technology-enhanced learning actions. Since October 2015 she started working at Welten Institute and she is directly involved in the following activities and roles:

- PhD Candidate, she researches how gamification can enhance goal achievement and engagement of users (learners) within online learning environments.

- Management of Eu Projects, mainly Erasmus+ 


Gamification is well known in education and other fields (mainly: marketing, training and trading) as a technique with potential for engaging and motivating students and stimulating their behavioural changes. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as our application scenario are characterized by a low completion rate, in relation to the original intention of the MOOC learners. Our idea is to apply gamification to MOOCs to stimulate learners' behaviour change in terms of goal achievement and building of a sense of community (as in Massive Multiplayer Online Games, MMOGs) with the purpose of increasing their engagement and affecting their retention.