Guide for parents and carers

The pupils who participated in the Blurred Lives Project created a wealth of resources for parents and carers to help them understand what cyberbullying is and how to support their child if being bullied. This guide provides concise, accessible, highly visual guidance for parents and carers on the challenging subject of cyberbullying.

Despite the different languages and cultures of the pupil participants, there are clear and similar themes running through the work produced. ‘Pupil voice’ was truly facilitated and there was a strong and passionate request by pupils for their parents and carers to talk with them more, have open conversations and ask questions on a daily basis about, 'how they are': simple ideas and suggestions in theory, but probably the hardest to achieve in practice.

The pupils presented their messages using a variety of formats and created a flip-card game, some posters and leaflets, a newsletter, an instructional video, an advert and a foldable flyer.

The guide for parents and carers is available in English, German, Italian and Dutch. Click on one of the following links to download the guide of your preferred language:

Additional resources

There are additional resources available you might be interested in:

Full-length guide for parents and carers (English only)
The full-length guide for parents and carers contains additional information about the Blurred Lives project and cyberbullying and shows more resources developed by the pupils. The full-length guide is available in English only. To download the full-length guide, click on the following link:

Original resources:
Below you can download the original resources for parents and carers as developed by the pupils who participated the Blurred Lives project.

Northern Ireland:




The Netherlands: