School of Cultural Sciences

Bachelor and Master programme

It also offers a Dutch Bachelor and Master programme in General Cultural Sciences. The programme places cultural phenomena in a historical context. It also explores these phenomena from different perspectives, each one being a separate discipline in its own right: cultural history, art history, literature and philosophy. While each discipline is explored as a separate theme, the ultimate aim is to reveal the underlying connections.

Virtual mobility programme

The School of Cultural Sciences participates in the virtual mobility programme (E-move) of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). The school has chosen five courses which are open for enrolment of students from abroad (other than Dutch or Belgian nationality).

At present, these courses are not available in English. All study materials of the School of Cultural Sciences (with very few exceptions) are in Dutch. As a result, students who are interested in studying the E-move courses (and passing exams) should have a good command of the Dutch language.

The five courses are known as ICE courses (International Course Exchange):

For further information, please contact Mr. Paul van den Boorn, education information officer at the School of Cultural Sciences.