Educational system

The Open Universiteit of the Netherlands is open to anyone aged 18 or over, regardless of prior education. Students are free to study where and when they choose. Instruction is based on guided individual study. Generally, there are no compulsory classroom or tutoring sessions.

Students may enrol at any time, are free to study at their own pace and can generally decide for themselves when they are ready to take an examination. The modular system of instruction means that students can enrol either for full-length degree programmes or for individual courses. Students can combine their course credits to obtain a diploma or degree if they so choose. Our degree programmes are fully accredited.

Most of the universitys study materials are in Dutch, and only a few courses are in English. As a result, our Bachelor and Master degrees require a good command of the Dutch language. And all examinations, whether standard or computerised, are administered in the Netherlands of Flanders, generally at one of our study or support centres.