The Open University of the Netherlands is a frontrunner in new learning technologies and educational insights. It offers all of its students an electronic learning environment through which they can easily communicate with each other and with their teachers. It enables them to download learning materials, and they can check their knowledge and skills with a short introductory opening test.

New learning approach

We continuously work to improve and innovate its education and to support Dutch higher education in preparing for a new learning approach. Annually, our organisation invests nearly 7 million euros on its innovation task. This new learning approach features different types of learning experiences and flexibility in education methods.

Continuous improvement of study programmes

The extensive freedom and openness offered by its educational system sets heavy demands to the way education at the Open University of the Netherlands is organised and on the materials used. Our faculties and the Welten Institute, which are responsible for the development and monitoring of courses, continuously work on the improvement of content, instructional methods and structure of the university's programmes. A well-balanced course design incorporates the use of linear and interactive electronic media where appropriate.

Course materials may include books and specially produced printed texts, audio and video materials, multimedia programmes and cd-roms, and communication through electronic networks: we offer a media mix where computers play a major role. All of these methods contribute to ongoing improvement and innovation.