School of Law

The School of Law offers courses on Dutch and International Law (but does not offer any courses in English).

It offers a Bachelor programme in Dutch Law and a Master programme in the following clusters:

  • Dutch Law, International and European Law cluster
  • Dutch Law, Private Law cluster
  • Dutch Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law cluster
  • Dutch Law, Criminal Law cluster

Most of our programmes aim strictly at people who have an adequate command of the Dutch language, because study materials are generally in Dutch. That is why there are a few difficulties foreign students might encounter at our university. Although more and more courses are in English, most professional or academic titles are out of reach for those without a good command of the Dutch language. All examinations, whether standard or computerised, are administered in the Netherlands, generally at one of the study or support centres of Open Universiteit.

For English speaking people in the Netherlands, who would like to start or continue an academic course or degree programme, the British Open University might be a better option. At the study centre of the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands in The Hague a local office of the British Open University offers service to their students.