One of the tasks the Open University of the Netherlands has received from the Dutch government is to contribute to the innovation of Dutch higher education through research in the field of educational sciences. In her 30 year existence the university has become the expert in this field. Innovative education asks for domain specific expertise ánd expertise in the field of educational, information and communication technologies. Therefore next tot the domain specific research, research into educational sciences and educational technologies has a special place within the Open University.

Research Centre

The Welten Institute is the Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology of the Open University of the Netherlands. Its research focuses on 'Learning and teaching in technology enhanced learning environments'.
Within this programme there are areas of interest:

Domain-specific Research

Each faculty develops its domain-specific research programmes. This research is aimed at the following scientific domains:

  • Humanities
  • Technology
  • Management
  • Science
  • Psychology
  • Law 
  • Educational Sciences (in collaboration with the Welten Institute)