The CELSTEC organisation


Presently the staff of the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC) consists of over 110 professionals. Educational technologists, educational scientists, media specialists, graphical designers and programmers together represent many years of experience in designing and developing education. The expertise centre combines research ánd techhnology development ánd course development. This allows us to apply the latest methods and techniques in our courses - provided it is efficient and effective - and it makes it possible to develop these methods and techniques in our everyday educational practice.


CELSTEC, managed by prof. dr. Rob Koper, runs three programmes:

  • Learning & Cognition; headed by prof. dr. Paul Kirschner;
  • Learning Networks for Professional Development; headed by prof. dr. Peter Sloep;
  • Learning Media; headed by prof. dr. Wim Westera and

The Education & Training Institute of CELSTEC is headed by prof. dr. Els Boshuizen.

Project teams

All activities are organized in multidisciplinary project teams, so that each and everyone of them always collaborates with specialists in different fields.The staff members are part of one large capacity group (managed by dr. Jo Boon) and are assigned to more than one programme. This organization makes it possible that our staff can participate in projects of different programmes, for example in a research project as well as in an implementation project.
CELSTEC also has a support unit, headed by Jos van den Broek.