Training and education for researchers

Training and education for researchers

NeLLL, in fulfilling its role as interdepartmental research institute for lifelong learning, is organising on behalf of the Graduate School of the Open University, the offering of courses and training activities relating to research (from grant acquisition, through research execution to dissemination of results). As such, NeLLL will try to act as a facilitator in providing the services necessary to keep the level of research carried out at the Open Universiteit high.

To this end NeLLL has set up and will continue to update this website with information pertaining to courses considered beneficial to researchers; in coordination with the specific faculty and central staff members responsible for schooling and training within their faculties and the OU, respectively.

The NeLLL budget permits financing those training activities directly related to research in lifelong learning and as such that fall within one of the four NeLLL programmes. NeLLL is happy to facilitate the participation of other researchers carrying out or planning to carry out research outside of the NeLLL programme, but in those cases, the costs incurred are for the faculties and/or the central HRM department of the OU.

Courses that NeLLL can organize for OUNL researchers are:

Further, there is a possibility for PhD candidates to follow courses at either of the two research schools that the OU takes part in.

For research that is typically educational and/or psychological regardless of the domain, there are courses available at the Interuniversity Centre for Educational Research (ICO). The general mission of ICO is to advance scientific theories for understanding processes and systems of learning and instruction. These theories concern:

  • learning processes and characteristics of the learning environment, including the teacher, that influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the learning process;
  • the organization of the curriculum and the school in relation to the learning and instruction process;
  • the role of educational policies in influencing the functioning of schools;
  • theories of examination and assessment.

The second research school is the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) whose mission is to:

  • organise high-quality education for PhD students;
  • perform high-level fundamental and applied research in the field of information and computing science, specifically in the field of information and knowledge systems;
  • facilitate and stimulate co-operation and communication among its members (PhD students, research fellows, senior research fellows and associated members) and stakeholders.