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The ICO Board consists of five members, which are appointed by Board of Governors of the university that hosts ICO, and nominated by the deans of the participating universities.

Current members of the ICO Board are:

  • Prof. dr. J.J.H. van den Akker (Jan) - Chairman
  • Prof. dr. B.H.A.M. van Hout-Wolters (Bernadette)
  • Prof. dr. J. Lowyck (Joost)
  • Prof. dr. M.J.M. Vermeulen (Marc)
  • Vacancy

The ICO Board decides on ICOs long-range plan for a period of six years (2004-2009). This long-range plan consists of a formulation of the research aims for the period ahead, admission criteria for staff members, requirements for the educational programme offered to PhD students, and requirements with regard to the supervision of PhD students.

The ICO Board meets twice a year in Utrecht.