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Supplementary ICO Journal List (October 17, 2011)

  Name Journal ISSN
A Action in Teacher Education 0162-6620
  Adult Learning 1045-1595
  ALT-J (from 2011 renamed Research in Learning Technology) 0968-7769
  Applied Environmental Education and Communication 1533-015X
  Argumentation and Advocacy 1051-1431
  Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice 0969-594X
  Australian Journal of Environmental Education 0814-0626
  Australian Journal of Educational Computing 0313-5373
  Australian Journal of Teacher Education  
B British Journal of In-service Education (as from 1998 known as Journal of In-service Education and from 2009 renamed Professional Development in Education) 0305-7631
C Cambridge Journal of Education 0305-764X
  Campus-Wide Information Systems 1065-0741
  Canadian Journal of Environmental Education 1205-5352
  Change: Transformations in Education 1441-9319
  College Student Journal 0146-3934
  Compare 0305-7925
  Computer Science Education 1871-1502
  Cultural Studies of Science Education 0899-3408
  Curriculum and Teaching 0726-416X
D Deutsch als Fremdsprache 0011-9741
  Deutschunterricht 0012-1460
E Early Child Development and Care 0300-4430
  Economia: the Journal of the Association of European Economics Education 0963-0899
  Economics: Journal for Teachers of the Economic Sciences 1011-5005
  Education and Information Technologies 1360-2357
  Education and Society 0726-2655
  Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice 1357-6283
  Education in Chemistry 0013-1350
  Education in Science 0013-1377
  Educational Action Research 0965-0792
  Educational and Child Psychology  0267-1611
  Educational Management & Administration 0263-211X
  Educational Media International (EMI) 0004-7597
  Educational Research and Evaluation 1380-3611
  Educational Research Quarterly 0196-5042
  Educational Studies in Languages and Literature (L1) 1567-6617
  Educational Theory 0013-2004
  EMI (Educational Media International) 0952-3987
  Etudes de Linguistique Appliquée 0071-190X
  Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education 1305-8223
  European Education 1056-4934
  European Educational Research Journal 1474-9041
  European Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 1381-2335
  European Journal of Intercultural Studies 0952-391X
  European Journal of Teacher Education 0261-9768
  European Journal of Special Needs Education 0885-6257
  European Journal: Vocational Training 0378-5068
  Evaluation and Research in Education 0950-0790
F First Language 0142-7237
  For the Learning of Mathematics 0228-0671
H Higher Education in Europe 0379-7724
  Higher Education Policy 1740-3863
  Higher Education Quarterly 0951-5224
  Hiroshima Journal of Mathematics Education 0919-1720
  Human Resource Development International 1367-8868
  Human Resource Development Review 1534-4843
I Indian Journal of Open Learning 0971-2690
  Informatics in Education 1648-5831
  Informationen zur Deutschdidaktik 0721-9954
  Interchange 0826-4805
  Intercultural Education 1467-5986
  International Electronic Journal on Mathematics Education 1306-3030
  International Journal for Academic Development 1360-144X
  International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 1932-8818
  International Journal of Agricultural Education  
  International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning (from 2011 renamed Technology, Knowledge and Learning) 1382-3892
  International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-long Learning 0957-4344
  International Journal of Early Childhood 0020-7187
  International Journal of Education and Religion 1389-9791
  International Journal of Educational Management 0951-354X
  International Journal of Educational Research 0883-0355
  International Journal of Educational Telecommunications (as from 2009 known as International Journal on E-learning) 1077-9124
  International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research 1472-9466
  International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management 1465-6612
  International Journal of Leadership in Education 1360-3124
  International Journal of Learning Technology 1477-8386
  International Journal of Lifelong Education 0260-1370
  International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation 1746-7268
  International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (QSE) 0951-8398
  International Journal of Risk, Security, and Crime Prevention 1359-1886
  International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education 1571-0068
  International Journal of Training and Development 1360-3736
  International Journal of Web Based Communities 1477-8394
  International Journal on Advanced Technology for Learning 1710-2251
  International Journal on E-learning 1537-2456
  International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education 1038-2046
  International Review of Economics Education (Research section only!) 1477-3880
  International Review of Education 0020-8566
  Issues in Education 1080-9724
 J Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik (English articles only) 0173-5322
  Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 1389-224X
  Journal of Agricultural Education Online 1042 0541
  Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics  
  Journal of Art & Design Education 0260-9991
  Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 1043-1020
  Journal of At-Risk Issues 1098-1608
  Journal of Classroom Interaction 0749-4025
  Journal of College Science Teaching 0047-231X
  Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 0731-9258
  Journal of Computing in Higher Education 1042-1726
  Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 1468-7984
  Journal of Early Childhood Research 1476-718X
  Journal of Education and Work 1469-9435
  Journal of Education for Students Placed At Risk 1082-4669
  Journal of Education for Sustainable Development 0973-4082
  Journal of Education for Teaching 0260-7476
  Journal of Educational Administration 0022-0639
  Journal of Educational Change 1389-2843
  Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 1055-8896
  Journal of Educational Statistics (tot 1994) 0362-9791
  Journal of Elementary Science Education 1090-185X
  Journal of Engineering Education 0304-3797
  Journal of Environmental Education 0095-8964
  Journal of European Industrial Training 0309-0590
  Journal of Industrial Teacher Education 0022-1864
  Journal of In-Service Education (From 2009 renamed Professional Development in Education) 1367-4587
  Journal of Instructional Science and Technology 1324-0781
  Journal of Interactive Learning Research 1093-023X
  Journal of International Agricultural and Extention Education (Feature articles only!) 1077-0755
  Journal of Mathematical Behavior 0732-3123
  Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 1386-4416
  Journal of Peace Education 1740-0201
  Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education 0920-525X
  Journal of Research on Computing in Education (tot 2001) 0888-6504
  Journal of Research on Technology in Education (vanaf 2001) 0888-6504
  Journal of Science Teacher Education 1046-560X
  Journal of Statistics Education 1069-1898
  Journal of Structural Learning and Intelligent Systems 1027-1015
  Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 1059-7069
  Journal of Visual Literacy 1051-144X
  Journal of Vocational Education and Training 1363-6820
  Journal of Workplace Learning 1366-5626
  Journal of Writing Research 2030-1006
L L1 (Educational Studies in Languages and Literature) 1567-6617
  Leadership & Policy Studies in Schools 1570-0763
  Learning Environments Research 1387-1579
  Learning in Health and Social Care 1473-6853
  Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE) 1239-6826
  Linguistics and Education 0898-5898
  LLinE (Lifelong Learning in Europe) 1239-6826
M Machine-Mediated Learning 0732-6718
  Mathematical Thinking and Learning 1098-6065
  Mathematics Education Research Journal 1033-2170
  Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 1450-1104
  Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning 1361-1267
  Modern English Teacher 0308-0587
N New Technology in the Human Services  
  NorDiNa Nordic Studies in Science Education  
O Oxford Studies in Comparative Education 0961-2149
P Pedagogy, Culture and Society 1468-1366
  Performance Improvement Quarterly 0898-5952
  Physics Teacher 0031-921X
  Professional Development in Education (formerly known as Journal of In-Service Education) 1941-5257
  Pythagoras 1012-2346
Q QSE (International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education) 0951-8398
  Quality in Higher Education 1353-8322
R Research in Drama Education 1356-9783
  Research in Mathematics Education 1479-4802
  Research in Post-Compulsory Education 1359-6748
  Research in Science & Technological Education 0263-5143
S School Field 0353-6807
  School Leadership & Management 1363-2434
  Science Teacher 0036-8555
  Siegener Periodicum zur Internationalen Empirischen Literaturwissenschaft (tweetalig) 0722-7833
  Simulation & Gaming 1046-8781
  Social Psychology of Education 1381-2890
  South Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 1359-866X
  Staff and Educational Development International 0971-9008
  Statistics Education Research Journal 1570-1824
  Studia Paedagogica  
  Studies in Art Studies  
  Studies in Educational Evaluation 0191-491X
  Studying Teacher Education 1742-5972
T Teacher Education Quarterly 0737-5328
  Teacher Trainer 0951-7626
  Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice 1354-0602
  Teaching Education 1047-6210
  Teaching History 0040-0610
  Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning (TICL) 1543-0537
  Technology, Knowledge and Learning (formerly known as International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning) 1382-3892
  The Mathematics Enthusiast (formerly known as The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast) 1551-3440
  The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast (from 2011 renamed The Mathematics Enthusiast) 1551-3440
  The New Educator 1547-688X
  The Physics Teacher 0031-921X
  The Science Teacher 0036-8555
  The Teacher Educator 0887-8730
  The Teacher Trainer 0951-7626
  Training for Quality 0968-4875
Z ZDM The International Journal on Mathematics Education 1863-9690