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Registration requirements for ICO membership Staff Members

University staff members who wish to register for ICO have to meet the following criteria:

1 The candidate has to be appointed at one of the ICO universities, and should be employed in a faculty or institute participating in ICO. 

2 The candidate should hold a doctorate by the time of admission. 

3 The candidate should have six international publications in the five years prior to the date of admission. 

4 Publications include journal articles, books, and book chapters. No more than two out of six publications can be books/book chapters. Journal articles are accepted only if the journal appears on the ISI-list or the supplementary ICO-journal list. 

5 In addition, the following conditions apply: articles should not have less than 2000 words, and book reviews and similar editorial contributions are not accepted.

6 Book and book chapters should be written in English. For each publication (at least) two review reports have to be provided by the author to substantiate the thoroughness of the review procedure. The book publications and their review reports are evaluated by members of the ICO Scientific Committee. Brief introductory book chapters do not count as publication. Furthermore, English books that are written by authors (and are therefore not edited), count as one publication. 

7 Journal articles that have not been published in the year prior to the admission procedure, but are fully accepted for publication in the year of admission are also accepted, provided that the author has certified proof of the acceptance of the article. 

N. B. The candidate should play an active role in at least one, and at most two of the thematic groups.