Workshop Making the smart city safe for citizens: The case of smart energy and mobility
On November 28th and 29th 2018 the Open University of the Netherlands in Heerlen and Business Intelligence & Smart Services (BISS) Institute will be hosting the international workshop 'Making the smart city safe for citizens: The case of smart energy and mobility', Interdisciplinary perspectives on data ownership, data security and liability. The workshop takes place at the Forum of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Heerlen, Netherlands.

At this workshop, we will bring together practitioners from leading smart cities with experts on arti­cial intelligence, data security and privacy from various disciplines. Our workshop involves experts from law, political sciences, environmental sciences and computer sciences, amongst others.

Risk management in the smart city requires an integrated approach across these disciplines to succeed. We will study dierent modes of securing – in the political, legal and technological realm.

Call for papers

Researchers from all relevant disciplines, delegates from (smart) cities, start-ups and companies with relevant innovations in this fi­eld are invited to send in papers. They can apply by sending an abstract of 400 words to as soon as possible. The call will remain open until 19th August 2018.

You can also view the programme booklet for more information.