Conference Program

Conference program

Please note that the live sessions have different starting hours per day and times are in CET

Whole day program day 1 and 2

  • The keynote video’s, the video presentations of the accepted papers and a virtual poster session can be accessed at any time.
  • A discussion board is present for leaving questions and reactions related to the papers.
  • Live discussion stream with the keynotes and the authors of the accepted papers. The questions that were gathered through the discussion board will be discussed and/or live questions can be asked.

October 19th 14:00 - 15:00 (CET) - Live session day 1

Blair Taylor    
Code Responsibly: Why Cyber is a Game Changer for Computer Science Education

Maik Benndorf, Gabriel Kind, Siewerts Hanna, Heinke Florian and Schneider Uwe
Towards a better understanding of students in the entry phase of their studies

William Johnson, Raj Sunderraman and Anu Bourgeois    
Teaching Strategies in Software Engineering Towards Industry Interview Preparedness

Gunhild M. Lundberg and Ingunn Johanne Ness
Students imagination of future job – identity as an important employability aspect

Janet Liebenberg and Trudie Benade
Computing students’ views on ethics

Sajid Nazir, James H. Paterson and Brian Hainey
Design and Delivery of Cloud Computing Syllabus for Computing Undergraduates

Fahmida Hamid and Farzana Rashid    
Adjusting to The New Normal: Perspectives from An Introductory Programming Sequence Course

Yusuf Motara
A Curriculum for Functional Programming

October 20th 11:00 - 12:00 (CET) - Live session day 2

Raymond Lister
On the Cognitive Development of the Novice Programmer

Majid Rouhani    
Utilizing Slack as a communication platform in a flexible learning trajectory course: supporting the learning process

Marco T. Morazan
How to Make while Loops Iterative

Sjaak Smetsers, Erik Barendsen and Renske Talsma
Analyzing the Influence of Block Visualization on Novice Programmers' Reading Behavior Using Eye Tracking

Holger Günzel, Lars Brehm and Andreas Humpe
Learning Lab „Digital Technologies“ keeps distance

Ansgar Fehnker
A Sports Day for Programming

Ansgar Fehnker, Angelika Mader, Arthur Rump, Margot Rutgers, Lotte Steenmeijer and Chris Witteveen
Atelier - An Online Platform for Programming Tutorials

Marcella Veldthuis, Hani Alers, Aleksandra Malinowska and Xiao Peng
Flipped classrooms for remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic

Conference Program