Courses in English and international programmes

The Open Universiteit of the Netherlands offers a number of courses in English and provides several international programmes in co-operation with other educational organisations.

Courses in English

The Open Universiteit of the Netherlands offers a number of courses in English. However, this only means that the course materials are in English. Registration, tutoring and/or examinations are in Dutch. These courses are intended for students who are enrolled in a regular programme and therefore read and write Dutch fluently. This means that the Bachelor and Master Degrees of the Open Universiteit are out of reach for those without a good command of the Dutch language.

There is an exception, the School of Science offers six courses that are completely in English, including registration, tuition and examination:

However collaboration between the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands and (international) partners has resulted in our contribution to courses and programmes in English:

  • Free Technology Academy
    Courses on open source software and open standards (in collaboration with the Open University of Catalunia (Spain), University of Agder (Norway) and the Free Knowledge Institute.
  • European Virtual Seminar

    The aim of the EVS is to foster an international, multidisciplinary dialogue on sustainable development among students from all over Europe by using modern ICT and the internet.