Regional Governance: Policy Analysis, Evaluation and Design

This course is about the policy with which public and private parties influence the organization and use of the physical environment. That environment is a rewarding subject of social discussions. Think of the discussions on urbanization, protection against flooding, gas extraction, the construction and expansion of infrastructure, nature protection, or all efforts to improve the environmental quality. People often disagree about the way in which policies are made and implemented. Discussions will then focus, for example, on the decentralization of responsibilities towards local and regional parties, the active role of citizens' initiatives, the renewal of laws and regulations and the changing role of the European Union. As a result of all discussions, the environmental policy is constantly changing.

In this course you will learn how to analyze and evaluate environmental policy. Attention is also paid to the design of environmental policy. In the course the following topics are discussed: what we mean by environmental policy, how can this policy be shaped and what does current practice teach us about dealing with complex environmental issues. After a thorough theoretical part in which the main policy-scientific theories and methods are discussed, the acquired knowledge and insights are applied to practical issues.

The course material consists of a digital learning environment in which you learn about theories and methods for analyzing, evaluating and designing environmental policy on the basis of scientific articles and practice assignments.

Examination of the course consists of assignments to be fulfilled at home. Total study load is 140 hours (5 European Credits).

Course code: NB2202
Course instructor: Dr. ir. Raoul Beunen
The course fee varies, according to your residential country, your nationality and the previous education completed, between € 336,= and € 554,= (for more information see
An invoice will be included with the course materials.

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