School of Science

The School of Science offers a Bachelor and a Master programme in Environmental Sciences. With natural sciences at its core, our programmes aim to train broadly oriented environmental scientists. Our students learn to work in multidisciplinary teams. In this way they will be able to actively develop strategies to deal with dilemmas in a complex socio-economic context. This requires not only a solid scientific base but also a knowledge of policy development and management.

We offer some programmes and courses in English.

Study programmes

  • a broad basis of integrated natural sciences
  • a bachelor programme with three key areas: natural sciences, policy and health
  • a tailor-made master programme accordingly to individual student preferences
  • the skills to combine natural sciences with social knowledge
  • the knowledge and skills to use information technology and work together in a multidisciplinary team.


Innovative collaborative learning is part of several courses such as European Virtual Seminar, Virtual Master class on Sustainability, Virtual Environmental Consultancy (VMAB), and the introductory course Earth, Humans and the Environment. We collaborate with other institutions of higher education on a national as well as an international level.

We have developed some courses in English. Most of our study materials, however, are in Dutch. To follow the entire bachelor or master programme a good command of the Dutch language is required.

Students who are interested may contact our department of Service and information by email at