Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Development

The course NB2502 Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Development deals with the social responsibility of companies to contribute to sustainable development. This concerns the responsibility of the business community, in addition to economic value (profit) to create value on social (people) and ecological (planet) areas. Negative effects of business operations in social and environmental areas - such as environmental pollution or human rights violations – are to be prevented and/or addressed.

The course uses the textbook Corporate Responsibility, fourth edition (Engels) (Blowfield & Murray, 2019)  and a course site with additional information, and discussion fora on the topics dealt with in the course.

Examination of the course consists of assignments to be fulfilled at home and one presentation in a mandatory online class which is offered every 2 months. Total study load is 140 hours (5 European Credits).

Course code: NB2502
Course instructor: Dr. R. Beunen
The course fee varies, according to your residential country, your nationality and the previous education completed, between € 336,= and € 554,= (for more information see
An invoice will be included with the course materials.

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