Environment, Science & Society

Which facts do count? How do we create credible and legitimate knowledge?
How do you position yourself as an environmental researcher in the debate about environmental issues? How far can you go in being a change agent yourself?

The course Environment, Science & Society approaches solving environmental problems as a process of interaction between science, policy and society. It aims to offer you insights into the different roles that science, policy and society play in dealing with environmental issues and how the different roles are coordinated. You will learn about the complexity of environmental issues and the various interests, actors and perspectives involved. We will introduce you to topics such as dealing with uncertainties and conflicting knowledge claims. All illustrated by cases like "Climate-gate", Carbon capture & storage, regional planning and Electromagnetic Fields. You will also get an opportunity to explore tools and roadmaps that can be used to design processes of knowledge production. Finally, you will reflect on your own role as an expert. The course exam consists of a compulsory assignment (to be fulfilled at home). In this assignment, you apply the concepts from the course to a specific case. The course has a net study load of 120 hours (1 module, 5 European Credits).

Study material exists of a course-book, reader and multi-media. An electronic work book guides you through the study tasks and all the material.

Course code: CPPESS
Course instructor: dr. A. Oels
Course fee: € 595,-

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