Examinations and accreditation


Each of our courses ends with an examination. This may take one of several forms: a final project or paper, a multiple choice test, an open essay test, or an oral examination. Many of the course examinations are administered three times a year. However, a computerised examination system has also been implemented for a growing number of courses. Students enrolled in these courses can take their exams virtually 'on demand'.

Since most courses and related examinations are in Dutch, most of our Bachelor and Master Degrees are out of reach for those without a good command of the Dutch language. And almost all examinations, whether standard or computerised, are administered in the Netherlands, generally at one of the our study or support centres. As a result, students living elsewhere must take their examinations in the Netherlands. An exception is made for residents of Belgium, who may arrange to take written examinations at one of the Belgian study centres.

Dutch nationals who live outside Europe may take written examinations at one of the Dutch diplomatic missions abroad (embassies or consular offices).


All certificates, diplomas, degrees and transcripts issued by our institution are recognised by law and are considered equivalent to qualifications awarded by other Dutch institutes for higher education. Our degree programmes lead to fully accredited Dutch Bachelor or Master Degrees.