Multiplier event Bologna May 2019
The Italian multiplier event “Cyberbullismo #Voci in rete” (trad. “Cyberbullying # net voices”) took place in Bologna on May 2019, 23th. About 200 secondary school students, 80 teachers, 10 psychologists / social workers and 10 parents (from school parent associations) participated at the event.  In the morning section, addressed to secondary school students and teachers, an overview of the Blurred Lives project and some of the comics were presented. In the afternoon, addressed to teachers and parents, the Blurred Lives project and some of the resources students created for these two targets were presented.

The event was advertised in several websites (e.g. University of Bologna, Emilia – Romagna regional school office) and the day after the conference an article appeared in one of the main newspaper in Bologna, the "Repubblica".