Comic book guide for teens

Pupils aged 14-16 years from all over Europe have develop a comic book on the impact of cyberbullying and how to act against it. The comics are developed by the pupils and redrawn by a professional illustrator. Each story is aimed at raising awareness among young people of your age regarding the problem of cyberbullying and offers tools to combat it. In addition, the comic books include reflective questions and assignments to help you to better understand cyberbullying and think of effective solutions.

You can read this book alone or, even better, with one or more friends. You could also show this book to some of your teachers and suggest that they use this resource during school classes.

The comic book is available in four languages: English, German, Italian and Dutch. Click on one of the following links to download the comic book of your preferred language:

Additional resources

There are additional resources available you might be interested in:

Full-length comic book (English only)
The full-length comic book contains all comics developed by the pupils and redrawn by a professional illustrator. The full-length comic book is available in English only. To download the full-length comic book, click on the following link:

Original comics:
Below you can download and read the original comics as drawn by the pupils who participated the Blurred Lives project.




The Netherlands:

Information for teens by teens
Pupils from Northern Ireland developed an information sheet and a presentation on cyberbullying for teens which can be downloaded with the following links: