Through this project young people will be able to explore their understanding, experiences and responses to cyberbullying, but also to work together to take active responsibility to support their peers through their contribution to the development of appropriate lessons and supporting online resources. The project will develop the following materials, which will be available early 2019.

Lessons and Guide for Teachers

This will comprise a series of lessons around the topic of cyberbullying. Lessons will be highly visual and include a maximum of interaction and discussion. Ideas for the lessons will be generated from the advisory group which will include young people, and from the quality circle sessions. The lessons and guidance will be written in English, Dutch, German and Italian.

Comic Book Guide for Pupils

A highly visual, innovative, engaging resource for young people aged 14-16, co-written by young people aged 14-16 in each of the five partner regions. It will tackle what young people see as the core issues around cyberbullying (e.g., types of cyberbullying), how to respond etc.

Guide for Parents/Carers

A clear, up-to-date, engaging, visual guide for parents/carers about cyberbullying, with opportunities provided for discussion and interaction with their children.

Summary Recommendations for Social Networking Site Providers

This summary of recommendations arising from the project for Social Networking Site Providers is innovative as too often there is no dissemination of research/project activity with those who manage the sites themselves on which much of the cyberbullying takes place.