Accepted Contributions
Title Authors
DaST: An Online Platform for Automated Exercise Generation and Solving in the Data Science Domain Charis Kotsiopoulos, Ioannis Doudoumis, Paraskevi Raftopoulou and Christos Tryfonopoulos
Programming, Research and... Coffee? An Analysis of Workplace Activities by Computing Interns Huib Aldewereld and Esther van der Stappen
Autism and Software Engineering Education Sylvia Stuurman, Harrie Passier, Frédérieke Geven and Erik Barendsen
Experience Report: Creating Tutorial Materials by Integrating Drawing Tablet and Video Capturing/Sharing Chen-Wei Wang
Program Verification: Mature Enough to be Taught to Software Engineers? Marc Schoolderman, Sjaak Smetsers and Marko van Eekelen
DigitalJS: a visual Verilog simulator for teaching Marek Materzok
Evaluation of a structured design methodology for concurrent programming Harrie Passier, Lex Bijlsma, Cornelis Huizing, Ruurd Kuiper, Harold Pootjes and Sjaak Smetsers
Keep Calm and Code on Your Phone: A Pilot of SuaCode, an Online Smartphone-Based Coding Course George Boateng, Victor Wumbor-Apin Kumbol and Prince Annor
A class project to prepare software engineering students for their capstone projects Justus Posthuma, Vreda Pieterse and Stacey Baror
Peer Assessment by Ranks David C. Moffat
Static Detection of Design Patterns in Class Diagrams Ed van Doorn, Marko van Eekelen and Sylvia Stuurman
Teaching Data Structures through Group Based Collaborative Peer Interactions Sajid Nazir, Stephen Naicken and James Paterson
Design decisions under object-oriented approach: A thematic analysis from the abstraction point of view Pamela Flores , Jenny Torres and Rigoberto Fonseca-Delgado
Programming for teachers: Reflections on the design of a course supporting flexible learning trajectories Majid Rouhani, Monica Divitini, Vojislav Vujošević, Sondre Stai and Hege Anette Olstad
Project Tomo: automated feedback service in teaching programming in Slovenian high schools Matija Lokar
E-Advise: An Adaptive Visual Toolset to Support Academic Advising Hicham Hallal, Fadi Aloul and Sameer Alawneh
DI2 Co-Innovation Lab - Teaching software development in and for real business situations Holger Guenzel , Lars Brehm, Hans-Juergen Haak, Mira Grönvall and Anne-Mari Sainio
Semi-synchronous learning performance compared to classroom based learning Hani Alers, Marcella Veldthuis, Tim Cocx and Aleksandra Malinowska
Reducing teamwork failures by tying ethics to teamwork training Alan Sprague and Raquel Diaz-Sprague