Dr. Nora Fiedler

Nora Fiedler, MSc.Dr. Nora Fiedler graduated from Universität Leipzig as a psychologist in 2009, and completed a three-year, postgraduate training in Systemic Psychotherapy/Family Therapy in 2015. As a clinical counselor she has worked with children who have chronic conditions, as well as with their parents to help improve the parent-child-relationship.

Since 2011, she is a research assistant to Professor Herbert Scheithauer, and teaches a course on promoting social-emotional competencies in children and adolescents. She has been involved in research projects on targeted school violence, and has helped schools to set up multi-disciplinary crisis prevention teams, as well as to implement a structured procedure for case evaluation and student support (www.netwass-projekt.de, www.target-projekt.de). In these projects, she has closely collaborated with teachers, school psychologists, school social workers, and police officers. In her dissertation she reports evaluation results, as well as barriers to implementation based on qualitative interview data.

She is also a fairplayer.manual trainer, a program to prevent bullying in the classroom, and promote social and emotional skills of young people (www.fairplayer.de).

In the Blurred Lives project she is responsible for organising and liaising with the schools, collecting survey data, as well as coordination and moderation of the focus groups and quality circles.