Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems

Humanity faces important challenges that involve a complex interplay between social, economic, technological and environmental systems. The MST research program addresses in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner some of the modern global challenges like new IT technologies and digital security, environmental sustainability, new business processes and organizational forms in a globalized context.

The research program 'Learning and Innovation in Resilient Systems' integrates the research carried out in the seven departments of Faculty of Management, Science & Technology (MST), across three scientific disciplines: Management Science, Natural Sciences and Computer Sciences. Given the heterogeneity of the scientific disciplines represented in MST, the research program has an interdisciplinary character with the main goal of increasing our understanding of the innovative and learning capacity of resilient systems, with a focus on (i) information and computer systems, (ii) organizational and management systems, and (iii) environmental systems.

The program specifies three research lines: