Quality and innovation through cooperation
Cooperation has a prominent place in the mission and ambition of the Open University. The Open University works together with numerous organisations, such as institutions for higher education, profit and non-profit organisations. There are also various international partnerships. Cooperation receives stature in many areas. It may concern the innovation of higher education, the mutual development of a programme, providing training or customised education. Where possible, cooperation takes shape in a partnership or strategic alliance.


  • Business Intelligence & Smart Services Institute
    The Open University, Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool combined their knowledge of 'business intelligence' and 'smart services' in 2015 in the expertise centre Business Intelligence & Smart Services (BISS). That is the scientific heart of the Smart Services Campus which is located on the site of APG in Heerlen.
  • Project Heart for Limburg
    The Open University is participating in the project Heart for Limburg. This project is aimed at scientific research and the establishment of a network that promotes the percentage of people who dies by a cardiac arrest will be reduced.
  • Foundation The Area Smart Services
    The development of foundation The Area Smart Services (TASS) is linked to the development of the Smart Services Campus and responds to the chair of Economics 4.0 which is affiliated with the Faculty of Management, Science & Technology. This foundation was established in early 2015 and facilitates enhancement of teaching and research of the faculty and its partners.
  • Limburg knowledge centre demographic transition
    In cooperation with Zuyd Hogeschool and Maastricht University the Open University participates actively in the Foundation Dutch expertise and innovation centre social effects demographic decline (Neimed).
  • SURF Foundation
    In the Netherlands, the Open University works together with numerous other universities. This cooperation is aimed at the joint development of educational material or conducting research. But educational institutes also join forces in the field of innovation of higher education, particularly in projects of the SURF Foundation. As an expert in educational innovation, we fulfil an important role in many of these projects.
  • Parkstad Limburg Care Academy
    The project Parkstad Limburg Care Academy was established to avert the impending shortage of healthcare workers. The Care Academy is a partnership between Arcus College, Atrium Medical Centre, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Mondriaan, Sevagram and Open University.
  • HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly)
    Various universities and colleges in the Netherlands offer a course program that is open to everyone: education at an academic level, but without a study obligation and compulsory examinations, under the name HOVO (Higher Education for the Elderly). In Limburg, this form of education is provided by the HOVO Limburg foundation with the support of the Open University and the province of Limburg. The range of courses includes courses on art, culture, philosophy, history, psychology, exact courses and is given in Roermond, Venlo, Heerlen and Maastricht. Every year it concerns around 60 courses.